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Donation Agreement

This is the agreement that Portugal vACC is required to present between the vACC and any VATSIM member who wishes to donate to our PayPal. Since the vACC is run voluntarily by our staff who pay for all the expenses, any donations are greatly appreciated. Your donations will go exclusively towards:
  • The server hosting bill;
  • The domain renewal;
  • Upgrades to the web services/systems;
  • Other expenses related to the work of the vACC (space rental for local events, etc).

Our Agreement with You

  • Portugal vACC will continue to work proactively to grow our community and will do its utmost to constantly improve the final product to our membership;
  • We do not disclose any personal details of those who have donated or how much they have donated;
  • You may, at any time, request to see a copy of the up-to-date balance sheet;
  • No special privileges are granted to any members who do donate as per the agreement with the VATSIM BoG (although we are very grateful).
This Agreement was last amended on 20/07/2021